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Enroll in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefit Plans through the Cleveland-Cliffs Steel LLC VEBA Trust (CCSLLC VEBA) in 3 easy steps.



Call us at 877-474-8322 with any questions. 

1.  Complete VBTART Enrollment Form

a.    If one or two family members are enrolling use A SEPARATE FORM FOR EACH ELIGIBLE FAMILY MEMBER and careful to select both an effective date and a plan of benefits.  THIS WILL SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR PREMIUMS.


b.    If three or more members are enrolling from the same family use ONE FORM.

2.  Make the appropriate payment for the plan you have selected and the date you have enrolled.

a.    Make sure that you make pay for the first two months.

b.    You will receive a bill from the VEBA for your required contribution moving forward.

3.  Return the completed forms to the address contained at the bottom of the enrollment form which is:  
Cleveland-Cliffs Steel LLC VEBA Trust (CCSLLC VEBA)
4853 Galaxy Parkway Suite K Cleveland, OH 44128

You may also e-mail to:
You may also enroll online at

Call the VEBA with any Questions on Eligibility or Enrollment
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